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International Adoption

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Learn more about International Adoption
Research available programs, view waiting child photolistings and find out the latest news on Intercountry Adoption.

Getting Started with International Adoption
Beginning with basic questions to ask yourself, move into questions about selecting a particular country, age restrictions, dossiers, referrals, and welcoming your child.

Steps to International Adoption
Learn more about the steps involved in completing an International Adoption. Everything from selecting the right country to finding the right professional to assist you in your journey.

International Adoption Trends and Statistics
The numbers are in for 2008. Over 9,800 children from Guatemala, Russia and China joined their forever families in the U.S. in 2008.

The Adoption.com International Waiting Child Photolisting
There are thousands of children worldwide waiting for a forever family.

Find an International Adoption Professional in Your State
Search our directory of international adoption professionals to find one in your area.

Camp-to-Adopt Programs
These programs bring older children from foreign countries to the U.S. for a summer or school year camp, to live with host families, with the hope an adoption will result.

Researchers Investigating Various Aspects of Intl. Adoption
This listing of ongoing (and completed) research is an excellent resource for those considering international adoption (mainly from Eastern Europe). Current research is described, and links are provided to completed studies.

Travel Basics
From child carriers to luggage to personal accessories, find advice, reviews, and resources.

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International Adoption
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